The real estate market in Australia is a highly lucrative yet very competitive industry. Every property professional knows well the importance of marketing since a well orchestrated and executed promotional campaign helps in establishing market authority and brand awareness. That said, aerial video & photography is the latest innovative way in cinematography that can well be integrated with your advertising plan to attract attention and huge interest from business prospects.

When talking about aerial cinematography, the first thought that comes to most people is hiring a helicopter with a production crew to get the desired shots. Nothing is further from the truth; you need an aircraft of some sort to get an eagle eye perspective of the property. But, the good news is that now real estate marketers can avoid the high costs and complex logistics of hiring a helicopter. Instead, UAV drones are the new tech tools used in capturing aerial clips which are of great benefit to the real estate industry.

What are UAV drones and how are they used?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, also known as drones are small aircrafts remotely controlled either autonomously (programmed) by an onboard computer, or piloted manually by use of a remote control.

UAVs come in different shapes and sizes but are ideally made to resemble and fly like an aircraft/helicopter. They are fitted with a digital camera that captures high quality pictures from different angles with great viewpoint of the exterior of a house, its surrounding area and all other marketable features.

Benefits of using UAVs for Real Estate marketing

Camera drones are the ideal advertising tools for every real estate professional looking to provide that wow factor and stunning images of the properties on sale. Just to highlight the possibilities of aerial video and photography, here are some of the benefits your company can enjoy;

1. Eye catching production

Unlike using aerial masts to provide elevated shots, drones can be flown anywhere from the ground level to greater height in the sky. They offer a variety of angels and video frames that make a highly emotive production.

2. Cheaper costs

As mentioned earlier, property manager would initially hire helicopter services to get aerial shots which do not come cheap. Hiring a drone photographer however is much cheaper and manageable for a single advertising project.

3. Drones offer bird’s eye view and great sense of space

One thing property buyers are keen on is the neighboring area and the kind of space they will be living in, aerial photography gives them a preview of the area including roads, social amenities in the area, tree cover and much more.

4. Convenience

Drone photography can be shared in real time through mobile devices or other devices with enabled broadband connections. Moreover the footage can be virally shared through multiple social media platforms – which can only mean greater reach and interest in the market.

As you can see, there is a lot to be excited about aerial video and photography for your real estate marketing efforts.

Post Author: Paula Lavigne

Paula Lavigne